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Is it safe to travel to Lahore, Pakistan right now?

4 comments to “Is it safe to travel to Lahore, Pakistan right now?”

  1. I would check the state department website. I do not think I would reccomend travel to Pakistan, though. It is quite volatile, especially in light of current events, and it’s difficult to predict when a riot could break out or a bomb might go off. I also know that to travel in certain parts of Pakistan, foreigners must employ a military guard/escort.

  2. Lahore is the safest city of Pakistan as it is regional hub for the econmic activity and whoever is giving you negative reports about this city is not doing justice.

  3. Lahore is not that safe right now, but it is way safer than Islamabad, Torkham, Peshawar, Gwadar, Karachi, Heptabad, or any other city. Gujranwala is also pretty safe. If you are looking to go, be in the safest modern areas during the day. Don’t be out at night alone. I just returned from a 15 month trip to Pakistan, and I was supposed to stay for two more months, but it got pretty violent in East Torkham. Watch out for the Muslim Radicals. I suggest being in populated busy areas during the day. At night time, you should be in a car, not on foot. You are more likely to get shot on foot, than in a car. Take the AutoRickShaw Service. Very reasonable prices, and cheap transportation. Inshallah, you have a great time. Be careful when you get there.

  4. i think its safe to travel to lahore and other countries
    for more information about travelling to other cities u better see this

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