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Is it safe to travel 12 hours in a car with a 1 month old?

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I was wanting to travel from Tucson, Az to Lubbock, Tx in my car with my 1 month old daughter and 3 year old son. It is a 12 hour trip. Is it safe for me to do that with my daughter?

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13 comments to “Is it safe to travel 12 hours in a car with a 1 month old?”

  1. Sure it is. Just make sure you stop often to feed and change the baby. At 1 month the baby will probably sleep most of the drive.

  2. i dont think so it would destract you and there would probably be fighting and yal would much lickly be crowded

  3. just make sure to stop and change them and feed her like normal other than that it’s fine

  4. It might not be ok if u have furmuela lots of it and water, dont forget lots of diapers and diaper wipes.

  5. We traveled about 8 hrs when my son was this young. I thought this was a great time to travel because babies still sleep a lot at this age. He basically slept the entire way, except waking only for bottles and a diaper change. I say do it… and if you can do it at night, it’s even better. My husband and I did that, taking turns driving.

  6. It will be a 24 hour trip with a one month old.

    We went on a sort of road trip when our daughter was 5-6 weeks old. We stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and it would’ve been much harder without the stopping.

    Your daughter will likely sleep for much of the ride, but even a newborn needs a bit of awake time…

    Re. turning into 24h: We changed diapers in public parks all across Ontario, and sometimes it wasn’t so easy to find a park. We stopped to nurse her pretty regularly, and if she got hungry, it was invariably on the loneliest, crummiest stretch of road — so planning to stop a bit before we expected her to be hungry worked better.

    Despite all those parks, she did end up with the only diaper rash she’s ever had.

    It’s safe — just have realistic expectations of how long it’ll take. Even moreso with a three-year-old in tow. I’d definitely plan on chopping the trip into two and spending the night somewhere en route.

  7. If the trip is normally 12 hours plan on it taking at least 16 due to having to stop to feed, diaper changes and burping. Also this is going to really interupt her sleep cycle since most babies sleep in the car. Don’t plan on getting much sleep after you get there. And after the trip she may cry when you put her in the car seat after having to be in it for such a long period of time.

  8. yes its okay, i have done it before, just make lots of stops to stretch out your legs.

  9. Nah… it’s not dangerous as long as she is properly secured in her car seat and that you stop often to feed her.

    I hope she loves the car!!!

    Good luck!

    My babies loved long trips at 1 month old but my niece would scream anytime she was in the carseat.

  10. yes, as long as you have earplugs.

  11. as long as you stop frequently and someone rides in the back next to the baby if possible.

  12. yes it is safe. i went on a 19 hour drive with my then, 8 month old boy. we made A LOT of stops because he just got so uncomfortable. did i regret it No…. would i do it again…. probably not.

    be prepared to extend the trip a little to include stops for diaper changes, breaks, feedings, etc.

  13. Yeah! They are easy at that age. As long as you take breaks to feed and change her when necessary, I’m sure she would be perfectly happy. Then again, that was my daughter, I’m not sure all newborns would be perfectly happy, but usually they just sleep most of the time. If you’re lucky anyway…

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