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How long does it take for dairy products to leave your system?My son is allergic and i want him on my milk?

6 comments to “How long does it take for dairy products to leave your system?My son is allergic and i want him on my milk?”

  1. My daughter is lactose intolerant as well and her dietician told me when I switched her formula to lactose free that the milk would leave her system in 3 days. I hope that helps if you want to be on the safe side I would go 5 days.

  2. pls ask your doctor i think he will be the best to tell you, differnt answer might confusion you

  3. You are asking how long until dairy products leave your system? Has he ever taken breaskmilk from you and how do you know he is allergic to dairy? If he has taken your milk, and didn’t have a reaction, then you should be fine. You can drink alcohol and then pump-and-dump and then breastfeed within 8 hours. It wouldn’t make any sense for a food product to be in your body for 3-4 weeks. I would think 3 days maximum as your body breaks down and processes everything that you eat. You can try feeding him your breastmilk and see what happens. I assume he only breaks out into a rash or has diarrhea. If this happens, then you know you cannot breastfeed him and have to go back to the Nutramigen.

    If he is still to weak to actually breastfeed, you can continue to pump and feed him via a bottle. This way he is getting your nutrients and conserving his energy at the same time.

    You can also try researching or contacting the organization La Leche. They are pretty much breastfeeding experts and should be able to shed some light on your situation.

  4. I am ****** feeding my son &he is lactoce intolerant. My lactation consultant, his dr &my midwife all said 12 hrs. I have found that when i did have milk, he got sick w/in a couple of 1hr & was over it by the next feeding. It depends on how much you have, but it should all be out of your system by the next day. My dr said that 1 alcoholic beverage a day is ok &if you have more pump &dump as long as you are feeling the affects. When they stop, then the next feeding should be ok. I only say this b/c food should not be any different. 3-4 weeks is not true. No food or drink stays in your system that long.

  5. wait about 2 weeks…if you wonna be safe…best wishes to your son….and best of luck withe the heart surgeries

  6. If your babies are lactose intolerant people they can’t be having your breast milk. . . it is FULL of lactose.

    You are all referring to either a dairy allergy or a cows milk protein intolerance. If your son has the cows milk protein intolerance it will take up to two weeks for all the milk proteins to clear your system when cutting it out the first time. This is because proteins are not all broken down in digestion and have to be processed through the kidneys. If you have a slip up though I’ve been told by doctors only a few days. My son has rapid onset so I can pump for a few hours and then go back to feeding him and he is ok.

    Also note that the cows milk protein is very similar to soy protein and usually they both have to be eliminated. And again to the other people that answered, this is NOT lactose intolerance lol. If it was your breast milk would cause a severe reaction.

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